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  • Dr. Femi

Invisible Braces ( Invisalign )

More and more people are finding success with clear braces for orthodontic treatment.

What are clear braces you may ask; clear braces or aligners ( as commonly known) are an alternative to the traditional wire and brackets typically used to move teeth into ideal position. Aligners are thermoplastic materials made of rigid clear plastics that gradually applies pressure to teeth in order to move them into ideal position.

With aligners you get the benefits of a discreet orthodontic treatment without any metals in your mouth.

In order to achieve success, aligners typically have to be worn 22 hours in a day and can only be taken out to eat, brush and floss.

Finally since aligners are discreet, it opens the doors for adults to get into orthodontic treatments and achieve their best smile possible.

Aligners may not be for everyone though, especially kids that are still growing or young adults with compliance issues.

Consult with your doctor today to see if this is for you!

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