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The main purpose of a crown is to cover a damaged tooth, to provide strength, improve appearance and alignment in the mouth. Crowns for teeth can sometimes include Porcelain or metal in their substucture.

Crowns will  become necessary to restore a tooth back to its natural beauty and full function when a substantial amount of that tooth structure has been lost or damaged due to breakage, decay, or a large old filling that has failed.

The all-ceramic, all porcelain crowns are typically more aesthetic and never develop any ugly black line as those seen in the metal margins of porcelain fused to metal (PFM ) crowns. 

Ceramic restorations can be made thinner, requiring less tooth reduction and find their application in cases such as porcelain veneers.

Your customized cosmetic treatment allows you to get your best smile possible, using a combination crown and bridge, veneers, inlay or on-lays to achieve the best possible results. We also offer bleaching and whitening treatments to correct teeth discoloration. Call to schedule your consultation today!

Female white toothy smile

Crown and bridge can also serve as an alternative to removable partial and  should help with form and function. Ask how we can help!

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