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Single or multiple teeth replacement

In dentistry today, the replacement of single or multiple teeth with implants is a common procedure in the appropriate patient population. Dental implants are very predictable and can often be placed without the need for adjunctive surgical procedures. Implants can sometimes be placed and restored the same day providing an immediate resolution of patients problem allowing the patient to walk out with teeth the same day.

Sometimes however, in a variety of situations, bone is inadequate for implant placement. The posterior upper jaw is frequently deficient in bone because of the close proximity of the sinus to the roots in the premolar and molar areas,  upper anterior and lower posterior with teeth missing for a long time results in diminished bone overtime, In all these situations, some form of bone augmentation might be necessary before implant placement or in conjunction with the implant placement in order to be able to achieve good stability of the implant, almost the same as building a house on solid foundation.

Patients who are missing multiple teeth now have the option of replacing their teeth using implants that are connected to upper or lower denture giving the denture better stability during use.

Research in Dental implants has shown that there is no statistical difference between implants placed and loaded immediately to implants loaded after a waiting period and because every patient wants a natural looking aesthetics, minimal invasive surgery, time and cost efficient treatment, we are able to place implants and restore them immediately.

At Four Lion Dental Boutique the implant process is divided into three stages

1.  Initial consultation to examine patient

2.  Surgery and implant placement with necessary augmentation.

3.  Final restoration placement.

 Often times all of these stages can be combined on the same day depending on patient case.

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Implant before and after

Before and after radiographs

Dental implant to replace cracked tooth
Replacing upper front tooth

A dental implant in the upper front tooth region to replace a cracked tooth is a viable treatment option in the appropriate patient population.

There are several advantages to choosing a dental implant-supported crown over a removable appliance or a tooth borne bridge appliance.

Some of these advantages include

1. The longevity of the dental implant.

2. The ease of performing oral hygiene compared to a bridge.

3. The non violation of virgin teeth as in the case of a bridge.

Adequate treatment planning to address the hard and soft tissue deficiencies and requirements of each case becomes crucial in order to ensure an aesthetically pleasing outcome for the patient.

We must be especially careful of the tooth and root position, the residual bony anatomy, the final planned position of tooth, the periodontal biotype and tooth shape, the overall smile line of the patient.  We also emphasize the e-point and the i-point of the expected implant position and crown emergence along with the soft tissue biotype to be important for re-creating  an esthetically acceptable final restoration for the patient.

Speak with your provider to see if you are an ideal candidate for an anterior dental implant.

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