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A Happier, Healthier You

If you’ve ever had a tooth ache ( tooth pain ), you may wonder where the pain comes from; the tooth appears solid from the outside but when you have a look inside with the help of an X-ray, you see a space in the middle where the nerve resides.   If your tooth gets knocked, cracked, decayed or has a large filling close to the nerve, it can fire off the pain signals which we call a tooth pain.
Sometimes constant and continuous small insults to the nerve may lead to the death of nerve. The nerve canal may then become infected with bacteria which may eventually lead to an abscess. In many instances the tooth can still be saved by a procedure called Root Canal Treatment. A root canal treatment gets rid of the infected nerve, bacteria, dental abscess, seals off the tooth, and restores you to health.     Call us today we are happy to help.

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