Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes severely compromised due to tooth decay, a crack, a fracture, dental abscess among others, the treatment may necessitate an extraction to restore patient to health. Scheduling a tooth Extraction or any surgery shouldn't be a complicated process. Your personalized surgical procedure should provide you with the resources you need to get your health back on track, your comfort is top priority during your procedure.

extraction (1).jpg


Extractions can either be a simple straight forward procedure or a more involved procedure depending on the patients anatomy. Some teeth such as wisdom teeth often times are completely encased in bone while others are not.

 The  treatment for each tooth depends on the amount of bone surrounding the tooth in question. The image in the background shows teeth that are all above bone and one in particular that is completely below bone level, this type of extraction would therefore be different from the rest.

Once your dentist captures an image of your tooth they can then tell you which type of extraction you need.