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  • Dr. Femi Folayan

Smoking and your health

Tobacco can affect all parts of your health including your mouth. Tobacco leads to gum disease and tooth loss. Your teeth, tongue can all become discolored, stained not to mention the bad breath and even mouth sores.

Tobacco use can also slow down recovery time after dental treatments.

Tobacco has been linked to heart disease, stroke, lung disease, birth defects, mouth and throat cancer.

Why should you quit tobacco.

Quitting can lower your risks of periodontal disease and the resulting loss of tooth. Smoking cessation also eliminate bad breath, stained teeth. The individual can save money by not spending on cigarettes, can also set a healthy example for family and friends especially children. The biggest benefit to cessation is perhaps a lower risk of oral, throat cancer.

There are various resources to help individuals looking to quit.

Tobacco cessation information can be found at

National Network of tobacco cessation quitline 1-800-QUITNOW

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