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  • Dr. Femi

Immediate loading of short implants in the anterior maxilla, a three year follow up

There is an increasing body of evidence to support the viability of short dental implants placed in the anterior maxilla to replace an anterior tooth as seen in the picture to the left.

The initial radiograph captured in 2017 at the try in of the final prosthetic crown, while the second radiograph capture in 2021 at the three year follow up demonstrates a hard and soft tissue stability with bone growth over implant shoulder.

This picture demonstrates a successful outcome can be expected even when short implants are placed and loaded immediately in the anterior maxilla. Granted, immediate loading protocols have to be well understood and followed to ensure a successful peri-implant bone remodeling.

Immediate loading of short dental implants in the anterior maxilla could save time, cost and could be regarded as a successful treatment option in the appropriate patient population.

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