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  • Dr. Femi Folayan

Replacing a Missing Tooth

There are many options available for replacing a missing tooth, some are removable others are fixed in the mouth. This article will explain some of the options available to patients.

A tooth-supported fixed bridge is the most common tooth replacement option.

The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepared to receive a cap that is connected to the replacement tooth hence a bridge which fills in the missing tooth giving the appearance no tooth is missing.

Removable partial dentures is another option. These dentures are customized to fit the specific affected area. These are removable and not as natural as tooth-supported bridges, but they are generally less expensive and require no grinding down of otherwise healthy adjacent teeth.

Resin-bonded bridge. This is generally chosen for patients that are missing front teeth that don’t engage any opposing tooth. The bridge has attachments on either side of the artificial tooth that are placed on the adjacent healthy teeth. There is no grinding or altering of the healthy teeth to apply these attachments, but the resin-bonded bridge is less sturdy than the tooth-supported bridges.

While dental implants are the most ideal for replacing single or multiple teeth because of their attachment to bone, the price tag dissuades many people from investing in dental implants. The implant is connected to your bone a process called osteointegration, a crown is then placed on the implant restoring the missing tooth.

Removable complete denture. This appliance rests on top of the gums where the teeth once were. Complete dentures serve both aesthetic and functional needs of patients and can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

These are some options available for replacing missing teeth, speak with your doctor today about whats best for you.

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