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In dentistry today, the replacement of single teeth with implants is a common procedure in the appropriate patient population. Dental implants are very predictable and can often be placed without the need for adjunctive surgical procedures. Implants placed and restored the same day with non- functional occlusion allows us to restore patients aesthetics immediately after a surgery. The patient therefore walks out with teeth the same day.

Sometimes however, in a variety of situations, bone is inadequate for implant placement. The posterior upper jaw is frequently deficient in bone because of the close proximity of the maxillary sinus to the roots in the premolar and molar areas, In these situations, some form of augmentation might be necessary before implant placement or in conjunction with implant placement in order to be able to achieve primary stability and immediate loading of the implant.​

Research has shown that there is no statistical difference between implant placed and loaded immediately to implants loaded after a waiting period. This is the basis of placing implant and loading immediately. Every patient wants a natural looking aesthetic, minimally invasive surgery, time/cost efficient treatment. The implant process is therefore divided into three stages, Initial consultation, Surgery (implant placement with necessary augmentation), final restoration placement; often times all of these can be combined into the same day depending on patient case.

Some factors contributing to implant success might include, provider experience, type of implant material used, the implant surface and the Implant design itself.

Several studies have shown that implants that are platform switched show little to no bone loss around the implant bone interface after several years as compared to a but joint interface, the reason for this bone loss around but joint interface is simple, a micro gap created during function traps bacteria and their by products then becomes dumped during mastication resulting in a micro pump of by products that destroy bone around the implant.

This micro gap isn't present in a cone morse taper connection and hence no micro pump effect and bone is therefore preserved. This is the reason why our philosophy at Four Lion Dental Boutique is to only use platform switched implant systems with a 6 degree taper connection. Aside from preserving bone these implants are also able to be submerged as is the case in small implants which is gaining popularity among providers.

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