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  • Dr. Femi Folayan

Conservative Smile Correction .

COnservative smile correction

There are several ways to conservatively correct deficiencies in a patient's smile, these options can include orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and teeth whitening.

When a patient presents with multiple defects, discolorations on numerous teeth that needs to be addressed at the same time, the clinician is faced with several restorative options.

Orthodontics can correct several misaligned or mal-positioned teeth followed by bleaching to accomplish straighter, whiter teeth.

An Indirect approaches may include full coverage restoration of the teeth through crown or partial-crown preparations, conservative preparation, or no preparation of the teeth for ceramic veneer restorations.

A direct approach may include conservative tooth preparation or no tooth preparation with application of composite resin veneers. Also, prefabricated veneers have recently seen a revitalization with ceramic or resin veneers being adapted onto existing unprepared or prepared teeth structures, and then bonded into place.

All of these options have various degrees of technical-operator demands, while also offering a range of benefits in terms of longevity, and commanding different costs.

The case below involves two indirect restorations that were fabricated to restore traumatic defects in anterior teeth.

Speak with your doctor today about your options.

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