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  • Dr. Femi Folayan

Dental Implant in the Aesthetic Zone

Dental Implant to replace cracked tooth

A dental implant in the maxillary anterior region to replace a cracked tooth is a viable treatment option in the appropriate patient population.

There are several advantages to choosing a dental implant-supported crown over a removable appliance or a tooth borne bridge appliance.

Some of these advantages include

1. The longevity of the dental implant.

2. The ease of performing oral hygiene compared to a bridge.

3. The non violation of virgin teeth as in the case of a bridge.

Adequate treatment planning to address the hard and soft tissue deficiencies and requirements of each case becomes crucial in order to ensure an aesthetically pleasing outcome for the patient.

We must be especially careful of the tooth and root position, the residual bony architecture, the final planned position of tooth, the periodontal biotype and tooth shape, the overall smile line of the patient. We also emphasize the e-point and the i-point of the expected implant position and crown emergence along with the soft tissue biotype to be important for re-creating an esthetically acceptable final restoration for the patient.

Speak with your provider to see if you are an ideal candidate for an anterior dental implant.

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