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  • Dr. Femi

All on 4 Dental Treatment concept

There are several treatment concepts in dentistry for the edentulous population.

Over the years we have generally utilized several implants for the restoration of the completely edentulous arches. Sometimes however this may be a difficult proposition if the patient presents with anatomical limitations, sinus pneumatization, has financial constraints or generally declines any large bone augmentation or grafting.

Recently and fortunately, a treatment concept has emerged where as little as four implants can be strategically positioned in the upper and or lower jaw, away from the anatomical limits, to completely restore the edentulous jaw without the need for extensive grafting, this reduces patients morbidity and addresses patients concern in as little time as possible

Research and follow up studies have also shown that this treatment modality is just as effective as the concept of utilizing many implants at once.

Speak with your doctor to see if all on four is the right treatment concept for you.

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